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Manifesting the UKs Tiny House Community Association

Manifesting the UKs Tiny House Community AssociationFriday 9 June 2023

One of our members Sharon attended this 2 hour long zoom on Sunday 4th June 2023 and here are her words:

What an incredibly exciting and inspirational session! This Inaugural meeting was a collective attempt to start the ball rolling towards creating a national organisation to promote and support the Tiny House movement in the UK.

Hosted by Prana Simon, the zoom started with some context and background from Rachel Butler from Tiny House Bristol Community. Pooran Desai talked about his experience with the One Planet Living project.

Climate change and the ecological crisis was a dominant theme throughout this meeting.

Pooran explained how solving issues in silos is not effective or joined up and asked if we could work in a more joined up way.

Systems thinking and interconnectedness was mentioned in that we need new solutions. We need resilient people, communities and a resilient planet. And Tiny homes could be part of this.

We spent time in smaller groups in a dreaming space together imagining how we would like to move forward and harvesting our thoughts.

So excited to see where this goes next. If you're interested in getting involved follow facebook.com/groups/tinyhousecommunityuk or contact us at Exeter Tiny House Community.