Exeter TinyHouse Community

Our Vision

Exeter Tiny House Community is planning to create at least one community of tiny or compact homes in or around Exeter in Devon. We are a group of people who believe that living in smaller homes within a community is the answer to several issues:

Exeter Tiny House Community Vision

Living in harmony with the planet and each other:
We envisage providing a regenerative space to nurture people and to help nature thrive. We highly value the importance of working with, connecting to and respecting nature in all that we do.

We prioritise the development and nurturing of our relationships with each other and even though we do not yet have a site, we already function as a working community. We believe in inclusivity and feel our community should reflect and actively promote this value. We use consent based decision making (sociocracy) to govern our group.

Connection and Resilience:
We are passionate about creating an intergenerational ‘village’ like space to be truly resilient in these times of uncertainty.

As well as our own private individual/family units, we plan to have a collective indoor space plus share growing, relaxation and playing spaces. We are also keen to connect with the wider community in Exeter and Devon and promote the community as a flagship project which can be replicated.

We feel it’s important to create inclusive nurturing communities for people to live in. Many of us cannot even afford a deposit for a home now - so our community seeks to make smaller homes affordable and available to everyone.

Ecological Footprint:
We aim to inspire and encourage others with a resilient and caring model for living lightly on our planet. Small homes are easier and cheaper to run, heat, use less and create less waste. We would share collective items as a group rather than us all owning duplicates.

This is at the heart of our shared vision. We recognise the environmental importance of using truly sustainable locally sourced materials to create our buildings, using renewable sources for our energy needs, growing food and living simply without needless exploitation of the planet’s depleted resources. Insulation and preservation of energy is key too as is using local labour and artisanship.

We are aware of the need to mitigate for climate change and future-proof our community and will be exploring land with its own water source and using renewable energy and energy reducing building techniques where possible.