Exeter TinyHouse Community

July 2024 Update

July 2024 UpdateWednesday 10 July 2024

We thought it was time to give you an update on how things are going with Exeter Tiny House Community. We are very excited to say it won't be long now until we re-open to new members being able to join us.

The reason there was a pause on membership was because following our registration as a Community Benefit Society (CBS), we felt we needed to prioritise spending time together working on our shared group agreement, which is almost complete.

This includes things like agreeing on whether it's essential to have our own water source or how far we want to be situated from an established settlement. We continue to use the extremely effective dynamic governance method of sociocracy in our meetings which enables everyone to have an equal voice.

We also did some great training with Ecomotive on non-violent communication (NVC) a few months ago.

And finally, our search for land continues. We have visited eleven sites so far and the most recently visited land even looked like it had potential. This has led us to enlisting expert advice in planning and funding to see if it is viable to purchase.

We also have several wonderful friends and advisors who guide us, and we are most grateful to them. Plus we continue to ally with other Co-Housing and intentional communities to learn from them.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed towards our crowdfunder last year. These funds have enabled us to pay the £500 costs of setting up the CBS plus the NVC training and being able to pay for expert planning advice.

Photo at the top is of Sue, Sharon, Susie & Mary at a recent site visit in East Devon.